Sufficiently Advanced Design


I Make Magic

Me and a giant bunny. Because bunny.

“Any sufficiently-advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” —Arthur C. Clarke

I design experiences. Sometimes those happen between a human and a screen. Sometimes, the experiences are multi-modal, and involve complex interactions between people, and printed documents, and phones, and laptops. Sometimes, they involve sensors, and motors or programmable LEDs. Always, though, the focus is on the human at the center.

My creative approach is to fully understand the constraints of the mediums required to bring an idea to life, and to turn those constraints into the guiding framework of the system under design. I sketch and ideate rapidly. I iterate rapidly through rough models and prototyping in order to nail down the function of a design. Then I focus on how to refine and develop the details of an interaction or experience in the most authentic form according to the medium. 

Whether I'm working in print, building a conventional web application, or making a large scale system with sensors and networked micro-controllers, my focus is on crafting something memorable, personal, and ultimately humane.

Email me at or find me on all social media as @whichlights