UX and Product Design



Me and a giant bunny. Because bunny.

Hi, I'm Jazz. I'm a user-centered product designer.

My background is in industrial design, and I got into UX design because I had ideas for networked products which would integrate with software and services. I wanted to understand how to design the behavior of the things I made, and not just the form. I quickly found that my side interests in psychology and how people learn, and my skills in iterative, rapid prototyping made a powerful combination.

I work best while collaborating, preferably face to face with a diverse, cross-functional team. Especially when we can all work together to do small experiments, iterate, and validate our tests with real users. I believe that the place to start in any design is to define the problem, and to surface as many assumptions as possible. Because if you begin by starting to solve the wrong problem, it doesn't matter how well you execute the rest of your process.

I am currently looking for my next opportunity, and taking the time to develop my own interactive products, to volunteer with Code For Connecticut, and to host workshops for agile UX practice. I also run an ongoing working group for the Witch Lights, my experimental open-source interactive installation project.