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Sketchbook Pages: Witch Lights redesign

After meeting with the Adafruit Discord at WMFNY this year, I wrote down some ideas for improvements to the design.

At this point I'm comfortable with the functionality enough to begin thinking of aesthetics and fabrication beyond 3D printing. Also plan to incorporate advice from the #projecthelp channel on how to make the power harness more reliable. Some notes:

  • Use step up and step down modules to push 12V down the length of the harness

  • Consider using plugs, rather than screw terminals, to connect power, LED, and data lines to circuit boards

  • Professionally fabricated circuit boards

  • Back to original vision: 5-meter segments of the harness link together as you install the lights in a location; 12-pin plugs connecting 2 halves of a machined or 3D-printed housing

  • Use LoRa to pass FaerieSprites from one set of Witch Lights to another along long paths and achieve original vision

  • Plug in additional modules, such as the (short) UV NeoPixel strips for Tree Spirits or other non-FaerieSprite animation

  • Moar sensors

  • Teensy Weensy could possibly be next gen brain replacement, having one 5V step-up pin for NeoPixel control

  • Solder a 3.3V power line to the low voltage VIN point of my existing PIR sensors to make them not go bugfuck at 3.3v