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Witch Lights at World Maker Faire 2018
I met @RealSexyCyborg and we traded stickers and it was awesome

I met @RealSexyCyborg and we traded stickers and it was awesome

As a complete last-minute decision, I'm at World Maker Faire. In true guerilla installation old punk artist fashion, I completely spaced on registering as a Maker. But that's ok, because I'm bringing Witch Lights 2 to the Adafruit Discord Meetup tomorrow, to discuss how I fried three PowerBoost 1000Cs.

And I'm going to tune the animation speed as best I can with my laptop and the backpack toolkit.

I asked Becky Stern if I'd get kicked out for unauthorized art installation, and her reply was, essentially, "Nobody is going to know it's not "supposed" to be there, and anyone who does know will think it's cool, so do it."

I don't need to be invited to the party twice.

If you are at World Maker Faire, or can come down, I'll be near/behind the little racecar track, using the fence there to suspend the Witch Lights. The park has asked us not to suspend things between trees due to understandable concerns that the trees might be harmed.

Come say hi, and if I have a sticker left, you can claim it!